Dear You

Your voice, your brand, your whole being should be celebrated. Deep within each of us is a passionate soul waiting to burst free and collaborate with the world in the form of a confetti party. Why so much pomp and circumstance around your brand? You’ve put in all the work, all the late night tinkering and editing; It’s time to send your brand off and out into the world with a bang.

When I first started working with brands, I don’t think I even had my brand. I had a social media presence and was capable of showing that off, but I wasn’t engaging, truly engaging with my followers about my brand and giving them food for thought.

As years went by I noticed a hunger unlike any other. A hunger for knowledge regarding content and the execution of digital strategies that didn’t consist of shoving the celebration confetti down a customer’s throat. I saw this need because I started doing the confetti thing and squashed the practice where I stood.

Just like in high school, you can’t force or manipulate someone into coming to your party. You cannot force a customer to suddenly become loyal to your brand – if you try to it’s just bad for business and can lead to the dark side – Fear, frustration, anger, and disappointment. I’ve felt this before too.

Recognizing these emotions is part of re-orienting your brand’s message and where your priorities lay. Once you realize what those priorities are you’ll feel more in tune with your mission and purpose. This will bring emotional balance to your life and allow you to become a successful leader.

Come into the light, feel your brand within you and set it free.

So, how are you going to do this?

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