Founder, Sarah Bettencourt, To Speak At The Teenpreneur Conference In Jacksonville FL

IMG_7971This June 8 through June 10th, The Blonde Spot’s founder and owner, Sarah Bettencourt, will be speaking and hosting sessions during The Teenpreneur conference in Jacksonville Florida, hosted by TeensGotCents’ Eva Baker.

The Teenpreneur Conference is for teens who have their own business or who want to start their own business. Attendees will leave the conference with the tools to create and implement a solid business plan. In addition, a big part of the event will be meeting other motivated and inspirational teens and having fun along the way!

Take a look at the originally published piece about this announcement on The Teenpreneur’s website here. If you are a teen or have teen you’d like to send to this incredible young entrepreneur’s workshop check out information on tickets here.

I had no clear direction when I graduated high school. I take that back, I did have a clear plan after high school. I was going to acting school in New York where I would have a potentially promising career as a starving actress. The closer I came to the day of my first post-high school adventure the more scared I became. Why? I was going to be a STARVING artist. I was committing to staying poor until I made it, which even if I had, an $80,000 price tag would have followed me forever. That’s when the “direction” I had fell apart.

I dropped out a few weeks before classes in New York started and enrolled in a community college. There, I felt safe and could live without a direction in life. But even then, everyone who knew me well would have said, “she’s always had direction in her life, it’s to lead, to teach, and support the well being of others. Sarah is ambitious, she’ll figure it out.” I didn’t want to get to know that part of myself yet.

I bounced between majors in college. I cozied up with science, art, communications, and fell into a class with one of the five wisest women I know, Cindy Coon. Her class entitled, “Marketing and Business Strategies For The Young Artist,” (or something like that) was literally the only class I actually truly needed to go through. Spending a semester in her class I realized my potential again, my drive to lead, my drive to teach, and my drive to be better than I was allowing myself to be. I discovered which direction I needed to head towards.

I graduated college in 2014 after seven years of expensive self-discovery. Had a quick stint with a marketing agency, created their social media department, trained and educated each person there on social marketing, and I created a business plan based off the knowledge I had from my last college class….

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