Sarah Bettencourt


I’m a Seattle born, nerdy, coffee guzzling, transplant drawn to Arizona by the sun and great outdoors activities year round. I’m passionate about education and ensuring that future generations and small businesses hone in on the needs of millennials.
The world is not what it once was. No longer can you spend your time creating paper and print ads. You must engage on social media and other social outlets with your audience. As a self-taught social media expert and marketing guru, I have created and developed strategies unique to the marketing industry and defied the laws of traditional marketing.
With The Blonde Spot I have developed a team of marketing and web development geniuses who are here to help your company implement social media marketing strategies and work with you on digital advertisement, social media presence, website development, and overall marketing and business strategy – All while having more fun doing it. I believe that life is more fun when you embrace it.
How I’ve Been Embracing “It
I studied graphic design at the University of Washington, and received my bachelors degree from Arizona State University. In my downtime I frequent Disneyland, my hometown in the PNW, and California. I am a resident food blogger with Travel Foodie Mom and I also spend a lot of time with my son Fox, creating art, and I love a good adventure. I’m also passionate about youth programming and education.

As a member of Spark Action’s Top 24 Under 24 of 2014, I am an accomplished youth advocate. I love working with teens and youth, in programs across the east valley teaching them self-confidence, abuse prevention, keeping creative, and resisting drugs.

As of late side projects in my life have expanded to help embrace my philosphy on enjoying life. You can check out Travel Foodie Mom (Food & Travel Blog) and Monday Morning Mimosas (A Podcast) by visiting online and through social media.

What You Can Expect From The Blonde Spot

Life is about establishing a happy routine and creating a life for yourself and those you love. We can choose to do this anyway we want, but what we must understand is there is a difference between making a life we love, and living that life. The Blonde Spot is here to help you live that life.

We take on your marketing- digital, social, web, paid advertising. We work with your current marketing team, or we become your marketing team and help you develop the strategies, ideas, and creative influence you want to have in the market. We refuse to bullshit you. We tell it like it is, we give you the best most well-thought out advice possible, and we help you understand The FISH Philosophy.

You can expect The Blonde Spot to challenge you and push your business’ marketing beyond it’s limits to increase your revenue and employees’ quality of life. Lastly, we help establish a baseline of communication between your business and its customers. Social and digital marketing is a way of life and we have you covered.


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