At The Blonde Spot, we’re also focused on providing quality analysis of your company & social media needs. We have a large focus on coaching & setting up social media platforms like LinkedIn, Google+, and our specialty platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Driven by results and KPI’s, we bring a larger understanding to content creation for social channels that increases community engagement on a highly local level and creates a positive company sentiment.

Understanding that Social Media in larger part is the key driving factor these days in helping a company brand themselves, develop a strong voice in the social media world, and maintain and grow a social media presence that’s ready to rock the industry standard.

When managing a client’s SMM we start with performing an audit on every aspect of your current (or non-existent) social media profiles, strategies, and overall presence within the social media world. At this point we begin to make recommendations on how we should be implementing and creating a strategy. You guessed it! We create a custom social strategy that takes into account who your company is, what your mission is, and the end-game (goals). After this process we start working on content that is custom curated for your strategy and fill it full of passion.

Passion pieces & community driven content are the best performing pieces on social media. You may be asking, “What about what my company does?” Lucky for you we have some pretty awesome trade secrets that help sprinkle your company’s promotions, blog content, and unique qualities through Facebook PPC, organic content, and finding brand advocates.

There’s of course much more to developing a successful SMM campaign & I would love to discuss your business needs in depth! In the end, we’re invested in your results.

What You Can Expect From The Blonde Spot

Life is about establishing a happy routine and creating a life for yourself and those you love. We can choose to do this anyway we want, but what we must understand is there is a difference between making a life we love, and living that life. The Blonde Spot is here to help you live that life.

We take on your marketing- digital, social, web, paid advertising. We work with your current marketing team, or we become your marketing team and help you develop the strategies, ideas, and creative influence you want to have in the market. We refuse to bullshit you. We tell it like it is, we give you the best most well-thought out advice possible, and we help you understand The FISH Philosophy. 

You can expect The Blonde Spot to challenge you and push your business’ marketing beyond it’s limits to increase your revenue and employees’ quality of life. Lastly, we help establish a baseline of communication between your business and its customers. Social and digital marketing is a way of life and we have you covered.

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