Bethany Leach

IMG_9822 (1)You know that girl in the corner of the coffee shop being denied her fifth refill? There’s a likely chance that girl is me. I was born and raised in the ever beautiful and green Pacific Northwest.  After moving to Atlanta to work as a researcher for a year, I found myself back home in Washington and I couldn’t be happier.

Educationally speaking, I am a total left-brained lady. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from University of Washington in hopes of eventually becoming a pediatric surgeon. I enjoy the sciences as well as mathematics. I voluntarily spend hours overanalyzing baseball statistics and doing advanced Sudoku puzzles because I do genuinely love numbers. After all, numbers don’t lie; but for how analytical I am by nature, I am also very in touch with the right side of my brain.

IMG_0189 (1)I am artistic. When life gets hard, I turn to my pencils and paints because I believe that feelings of anxiety and inadequacy have the ability to be turned into something beautiful. Along those lines, I find solace in exercise and have practiced hot yoga daily for over four years now. Practicing so regularly keeps me grounded and helps me differentiate between what actually matters and aspects of life I need to relenquish control of.

Professionally, I have a great deal of work experience for my age. I’ve spent time doing research jobs which are rewarding, but I no longer wish to pursue a career in laboratory science. In addition to working in research, I have retail management experience. I supervised at Starbucks for years and took it upon myself to give my individual store a social media presence at a time when the act of using Facebook to market a business was scarcely done. When you merely represent one very small piece of a large corporation, it’s challenging to find ways to encourage people to spend money at your store rather than at another location. Having said that, sales is the name of the game and the action of using Facebook to market my Starbucks store worked in my favor by making us number three in sales in the district for two quarters in a row.  More recently, I managed at Sherwin Williams and while there, I worked vigorously to generate leads in the community by connecting with contractors in order to convince them to work out of my store so that I would reach my sales goal.

All in all, I’m a self-taught social media marketer and I believe my widespread skillset is ideal for helping businesses reach both their current and longterm goals alike.