Statement From Fox’s Mom

As an Artist and Producer, I’m destined to be in both worlds, and to get things done at the same rate as those who do one of those jobs. To some it may be difficult, but for me it is not. I work at high rates, with high volume amounts of work. I produce quality, not exactly quantity. The high volume of work that I do are large sized projects that regard the youth I dedicate my professional life to, and the design projects such as Narthex Youth Center’s full web re-design.* As an artist I create imagery that transforms objects and people into ghostly images of what they once were, or take them apart to what they are on the inside. Life is about the color you produce and what that looks like to the outside world.

I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have a smart design to their business and to their lives. In life we must strive to make others happy, which in turn will give me the happiness that will allow my life, and my son’s life to soar. It is cliche, and it is a typical answer from a mother; this is how I was raised, this is how I mentor the teens I reach out to, and this is how life is. I’m a wholehearted maker who will give everyone everything I’ve got always. Bottom line.

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