Life Is Messy.

Your Marketing Shouldn’t Be.

Let's Clean Up


There are so many things to incorporate in your digital marketing plans. With The Blonde’s 10 years combined experience, you’ll be in the best hands.

Done For You

Social Media Marketing services, email marketing, advertising, PPC, SEO, you name it. We probably do it. We’re all about making your life easier, so let’s get to it.

Design & Dev

Web development, brand design, simple graphics, and Instagram refurbishing. Let’s make your brand look and feel beautiful – then implement it.

About Sarah & The Blonde Spot

It’s our mission to provide quality work and growth while helping brands we work with build a sustainable marketing platform. Believing you can accomplish greatness isn’t enough, you must live it out.

Sarah has worked in the marketing and social media industry for over 6 years. She started The Blonde Spot back in 2010 as a mission to help youth and artists. It has blossomed into helping young entrepreneurs, small business owners, and single moms like herself take hold of their lives.

Are you ready to take hold of yours?

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