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Life is about establishing a happy routine and creating a life for yourself and those you love. We can choose to do this anyway we want, but what we must understand there is a difference between making a life we love and living that life. The Blonde Spot is here to help you live that life.

How To Add Content To Buffer

Buffer is an incredible social media marketing tool for two reasons: It's affordable for freelancers and small businesses and it's capabilities are limitless. When I first started using Buffer, I wasn't quite sure exactly how to use Buffer and what all of it's...
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THIS Is How You Add Someone To Your Facebook Ad Manager

Here’s how you add someone to your Facebook ad manager or advert account in under 12 steps. Take a look at the step-by-step guide (with screenshots!).

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Here’s WTH Is Going On With Hashtags On Instagram

In recent times Instagram and Facebook have rolled out great new features for users. Downside here are the number of updates that have made marketers’ jobs harder. Here’s exactly what’s going on.

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The Social Media Editorial Calendar You Need In Your Life

Over this past weekend I had the great honor in helping educate young teen entrepreneurs on the world on social media, marketing, and branding 101. It was such an inspiring weekend and I learned a great deal about how to approach some of the topics I discuss through...
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A Few of My Favorite Social Media Tools

Social media tools are essential when it comes to sharing your message and story with the world. You can use the in-platform tools available but they won't help you when it comes to automating, scheduling, and generally making your life a little easier. I've brought...
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