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With over 12 years combined experience, The Blonde Spot works with business owners to help push your company’s brand and digital presence beyond standards to help increase your business’ revenue, customer retention, and hone in on who your brand is.

Life is about establishing a happy routine and creating a life for yourself and those you love. We can choose to do this anyway we want, but what we must understand there is a difference between making a life we love and living that life. The Blonde Spot is here to help you live that life.

What Pokemon Taught Me About Building Brand Loyalty

I know what you’re thinking. “WTH does Pokemon have to do with marketing and branding?!” It’s such an odd concept I know, but hear me out, the relationships Ash Ketchum builds with his pokemon resembles the kind of relationships you should be creating with your...

How I Manage Life As A Social Media Manager

During the Twitter chat last night someone said something fascinating to me. “How do you take a break from social media when it’s your job?” The answer is honestly not simple. It can be tough to take a break from the ever continuous duties of being a social media...

How To Find Your Passion – Blonde Moment of The Week

This week's blonde moment focuses on helping you understand an alternative way of finding your passion. What a lot of people don't understand about branding is how important it is in how you communicate with users and customers. If you're not passionate...

Now Recording Season 2 Of Monday Morning Mimosas

Who wants a guest spot on Monday Morning Mimosas season 2? Let's talk about all the tools you have in your pocket and how you've blown up the internet...while drinking mimosas. Listen to season one on...

Facebook Groups – An Important Element To Social Strategy in 2018

By 2018 the organic reach of your FB page will be 0. All business pages are moving into an “explore” feed. AHHH! But fear not because there is a way you can still reach your audience without sacrificing your first born to the social media gods.

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