Sarah’s Story

My name is Sarah Allison. I am a certified digital marketer and branding enthusiast with a degree from Arizona State University in Art Studies and Communications. As a self-taught marketer, I have climbed off the corporate ladder to build an empire where my company, The Blonde Spot, helps other companies develop a brand that allows my clients and I to embrace a life we love.

Originally from Seattle, I’ve lived in Arizona for the last ten years of my life. I truly love both my homes; The original, and the new. My son Fox, who is four, was born here and my home consists of just he and I. I’m a single mom, but do not allow myself – or my son – to be constrained by society’s current view on working single moms. I have big plans for myself and will see those plans through so my son may have a better start than other kids like him.





  • Social Strategy Direction 80%
  • Digital Marketing 80%
  • Business Development 75%
  • Strategy Development 60%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

When I’m not conquering in the digital world, I’m writing for various media outlets about travel, food, and pop culture. My son and I also frequent local science, kid, and art museums. We also attend conventions, local networking events, and family pizza nights

With The Blonde Spot I have developed a team of marketing and web development geniuses who are here to help your company implement social media marketing strategies and work with you on digital advertising, social media presence, website development, and overall marketing and business strategy – All while having fun doing it.

Life truly is better when you can embrace it.



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Founder, Sarah Bettencourt, To Speak At The Teenpreneur Conference In Jacksonville FL

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Dear You

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