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In just a few short days I’ll be launching a brand new online course to help new and old brands revitalize their passion and business goals through creating a brand and marketing plan that lasts.

The best thing about this course? I’ve tested and implemented everything you’ll learn and have given you full access to all the materials I use to create my strategies.

Here’s What’s In The Course…

Everything you’re about to learn I taught myself. Through trial and error, then perfection, I have created and implemented my own marketing firm and now everything I’ve done and done for my clients, I’m going to teach you.

In the 12 module Build and Launch A Kick-Ass Brand course you’ll be given everything you need to lay down the foundation for your brand. Not sure what a brand is? A brand is essentially you and the promise you make to your customers in pursuit of your passion

The problem a lot of new, up-and-coming, and seasoned entrepreneurs face are they aren’t sure what their passion is any more or how to evolve from where they started. The foundational aspect of the first four modules of this course is perfect for every level entrepreneur. Then, once we’ve been able to hone in on and refine your passion we build the design elements around your brand, create your marketing strategy, understand the importance of email, and end with ways to take your newly formed brand through launch. As a bonus, we lend out networking tips and tricks for the wide range of business types we’ve come into contact with over the years.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s inside the course for people who are listers:

  • Reflection on who you are/were/and will become to identify your personal beliefs and a self-evaluation.
  • Creation of brand beliefs, behaviors and a vision statement
  • Identifying the aesthetics of your brand (getting into design)
  • Goal setting based on new beliefs, behaviors, and vision
  • Content writing for the pages of your website
  • Definition of and creation of your brand experience
  • Development of your brand’s voice and tone
  • Creation of website; wireframe, design, tech specs, web security, content plan
  • Social media training
  • Social media strategy development
  • Email strategy development
  • Networking strategies
  • Video content strategy development

In addition to all this content, you’ll receive the following freebies
(This is what I use for my clients and me)

  • Yearly month-to-month content calendar
  • Weekly content schedule
  • Strategy template
  • KPI template (key performance indicators)
  • Website checklist
  • Brand development checklist
  • Contract template
  • Color Palette tools from Canva
  • Four social media based modules
  • Customer avatar template
  • Current customer/family and friend evaluation sheet and email

There’s so much in this course and every aspect of it is going to help your brand and life bloom.

This course launches in January and will only be open for a limited time. If you’d like access to this course the moment it comes out, fill out the form below.

Working with The Blonde Spot has been such an incredible learning experience. It’s provided me the tools and support I’ve always needed to get next level with my business. I’ve been in business for myself for the last two years but I was totally winging it with my branding and marketing. I was blindly trying to move my business forward and that only works for so long before you hit a plateau. The Blonde Spot is exactly what I needed to evolve! The course combines practical information with outside-the-box thinking and it has taught me how to dig deep and be creative with my branding. The accountability and support that came with it was the cherry on top.

Teresa Brenneman

Fitness & Nutrition Instructor, How To Be A Lion

I had no idea what I was doing when I started blogging. I knew I wanted to write and put my ideas out there but I had no focus or niche. With The Blonde Spot’s course, I was able to realize what I wanted to write about by finally defining what my passion was and how I wanted to relay that information through my brand values and beliefs. Sarah helped me lay the groundwork for my website and in essence, helped bridge the gap between my lack of knowledge regarding websites and what I was good at.

Brandon Erickson

Blogger, Nerds In Pullman

Sarah and The Blonde Spot helped me refine my personal brand while creating a beautiful and functional website in the process. Sarah brought a level of energy, knowledge, and creativity to the table which allowed my business dream to become reality in a few short weeks.

Julie Miller

Nutrition & Fitness Coach, balanceisbest

I Love Bonuses, Don’t You? Here Are Some For You…

When you sign up for Build & Launch A Kick-Ass Brand you’ll be supported 24/7 and have access to an exclusive mastermind group full of other like-minded individuals walking in the same shoes as you. Check out everything added into the course.

Access to a private Facebook Group For Students

Bi-Weekly Group Calls ($249 value)

Opportunities For Website Audit & Evaluations ($359 value)

Permanent Access To Course Content & Templates

Opportunities For One-on-One Coaching  With Sarah

Updates To All Course Content Forever

(social media constantly evolves)

Branding Basics Teaser

Here’s a teaser of what you will experience at the beginning of the course.

This Course Is Right For You If…

  • You’ve been struggling to identify what kind of business you want
  • You have no idea what it takes to start a side business/hustle
  • You are passionate about so many things but just can’t decide what
  • You’ve had a brand for a while, but it’s not working
  • You can’t seem to get your niche to work
  • You’re bored of your current business and need to refresh
  • You want to cut out years of twiddling your thumbs figuring out wtf to do
  • You want a business that is uniquely you
  • You’re ready to dig deep and evolve

This course may NOT be right for you if…

  • You think the idea of a “brand” is a joke
  • You think branding is only for big corporations
  • You want someone to do it for you
  • Your brand is good enough as it is
  • Branding doesn’t matter to you
  • You think social media is a dying form
  • You think your audience will come if you build it

Building a brand and marketing it takes a lot of hard work. There are those out there who have built brands and been successful overnight, but that’s not realistic (and only 1% of people). This course, while it does have a collaborative aspect to it, is for the most part DIY. I’m here through your entire journey to help you, but ultimately you know yourself.

If you have the passion, I have the tools to make it grow. 

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