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I am a creature of habit but I also have a spontaneous wild side that likes to come out. I grew up as a military brat and was lucky enough to begin exploring the world at a young age. When I’m not busy behind a camera, I can be found spending time with my husband and dogs. My other passions include Harry Potter, crochet, and cheesy Lifetime movies. I believe that most bad days can be cured with a cup of English Breakfast tea and a long drive with the windows down. While I tend to be a perfectionist, I try not to take life too seriously.


  • Commercial Direction 80%
  • Digital Assets Management 80%
  • Photography Development 75%
  • Digital Photography 100%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

In The Media


Media Features

What Pokemon Taught Me About Building Brand Loyalty

I know what you’re thinking. “WTH does Pokemon have to do with marketing and branding?!” It’s such an odd concept I know, but hear me out, the relationships Ash Ketchum builds with his pokemon resembles the kind of relationships you should be creating with your...

Here’s WTH Is Going On With Hashtags On Instagram

In recent times Instagram and Facebook have rolled out great new features for users. Downside here are the number of updates that have made marketers’ jobs harder. Here’s exactly what’s going on.

Now Recording Season 2 Of Monday Morning Mimosas

Who wants a guest spot on Monday Morning Mimosas season 2? Let's talk about all the tools you have in your pocket and how you've blown up the internet...while drinking mimosas. Listen to season one on...

Founder, Sarah Bettencourt, To Speak At The Teenpreneur Conference In Jacksonville FL

This June 8 through June 10th, The Blonde Spot's founder and owner, Sarah Bettencourt, will be speaking and hosting sessions during The Teenpreneur conference in Jacksonville Florida, hosted by TeensGotCents' Eva Baker. The Teenpreneur Conference is for teens who have...

How I Manage Life As A Social Media Manager

During the Twitter chat last night someone said something fascinating to me. “How do you take a break from social media when it’s your job?” The answer is honestly not simple. It can be tough to take a break from the ever continuous duties of being a social media...

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