The Blonde Approach

We’re in the business of helping your brand grow and bloom. Whether you already know who your brand is, need a refresh, or help growing your brand, The Blonde Spot offers a collaborative and awakened approach to marketing and rediscovering your passion.

Using data and emotion to inform strategy, our team drives creative and targeted campaigns to improve brand reputation and conversions. We craft customized marketing strategies for each of our clients based on our methodology and their needs.

  • Creative / Utilizing the latest trend research, The Blonde Spot executes artistically on every level. 25%
  • Collaborative / Teamwork is essential to creating a product you love. We work with you, your team, and then do the heavy lifting. 35%
  • Mission Centric / You’re passionate about what you do and so are we. We keep your mission the focal point of our efforts. 50%
  • Storytellers / We’re of the thought that creative marketing is about telling your brand’s story. Let’s broadcast it to the world together. 75%
  • Empowering / When creative, collaborative, mission focused stories are told, your brand excels. Leaving you and your team, empowered. 95%

“Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet.”

Kevin Stirtz

Our Core Offerings

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