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The Blonde Spot offers three kinds of services, developed to fit your brand’s needs. Our services cater to “start-up” companies and small businesses looking to improve their in-house digital and social marketing, branding, on-site content, design, and website development.

For companies and business owners seeking to improve their brand we offer consulting or done for you services.

Take a look at our services available below and reach out to us to improve your brand.



We will evaluate your online and offline presence and create a full-on audit of your business providing business and marketing solutions. This roadmap will help your team implement in-house brand marketing strategies and ongoing processes. 

Typically consulting will last over a period of 2-3 months with bi-weekly one-on-one calls to ensure strategy implementation is ongoing and implemented properly.

Social Media Marketing

Our SMM services cover everything from social platform audits, platform clean-up, done for you social media posting, syndication, and website integration. We’ll not only do these services for you but help you understand what’s going on along the way.

The Blonde Spot’s SMM services include monthly reporting, demographic statistics, and performance reviews across the board.

Typically consulting will last over a period of 2-3 months with bi-weekly one-on-one calls to ensure strategy implementation is ongoing and implemented properly.

Road Mapping

If you’re looking for a total and complete plan on where to implement, create, and work through ongoing marketing services without the done for you price tag, we can create a  basic template that will cater to your brands exact digital marketing needs.

This roadmap is designed to guide your brand on a month to month basis.


Web Design

Having worked with several brands in redesigning, creating, and implementing full website revisions, from-scratch designs, and landing-pages for various campaigns, The Blonde Spot can help service all website needs.

Our web development team is capable in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and WordPress Website management. Contact us for pricing.Typically consulting will last over a period of 2-3 months with bi-weekly one-on-one calls to ensure strategy implementation is ongoing and implemented properly.


Your business is your passion – and your mission should be representative of such. Many brands experience a lackluster feeling when it comes to their marketing and much of their messaging falls on deaf ears.

With The Blonde Spot’s branding workshops and consulting, we will help you find your brand all-over again or for the first time. Love what you do again.

Digital Advertising

From native advertising, PPC, Facebook Ads, and YouTube advertising, The Blonde Spot offers robust options for remarketing and speaking to customers. Members of our digital marketing team include those with digital PPC certification, Google Adwords certification, and various degrees from accredited universities and nation-wide programs.

Having managed budgets in upwards of $20,000 monthly on various digital platforms, The Blonde Spot has the experience and expertise to ensure a quality ads program is implemented and carried-through.


Email Marketing

Newsletters, daily emails, marketing automation, and lead funnels are not just trending buzzwords in the email marketing world – it’s the waaaaaay it goes. Yes, we’re pulling a “Rick” here and letting you know that implementing these email marketing practices for your business is an important way to keep eyeballs on your brand. 

Content Development

Just want some articles or content on your website to help keep things fresh? Can do! The Blonde Spot regularly writes content for attorneys, medical and beauty businesses, and so much more. Need videos?  The Blonde Spot works with digital video specialists across the country to help fit the needs of the variable clients they serve.

Need a one-off project too? The Blonde Spot has created branding manuals, one-sheeters, guidebooks, and online freemiums and infographics for various clients too. 



Totally Done-For-You

Everything you could ever need or want in a brand and marketing development package: Social Media Marketing for four recommended platforms, community management content syndication, email marketing, on-going website development*, bi-weekly status calls, custom image design and social media aesthetic development, digital advertising, and monthly articles to boost SEO. 


 Team Building & Development

Diving deep into the world of marketing for your brand can seem a little much for companies who have internal teams. With the business-starter package we’ll work with your team to develop social media content, manage online communities, syndicate content, work together in developing brand voice and messaging, and create image templates for use on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

On monthly group calls we will discuss areas for improvement, update your team on the latest algorithm changes, brainstorm, and create the roadmap for the upcoming months.

Optimize / Educate

Recommending & Updating

You already have an internal team working on your marketing, email, list building, advertising, etc. So why would you need someone to jump in and do it for you? With this package we’re offering our best recommendations, optimizing your presence on social, providing detailed roadmaps, content development templates, and setting your team up for success. 

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