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sarah bettencourt social mediaAs a thoroughly enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker, Sarah Allison has produced a number of education programs for a wide variety of companies and organizations. Having the opportunity to share what she’s learned and taught herself in less than five years as a Certified Digital PPC and Marketer with her audiences is a huge passion of Sarah’s.

Sarah Allison is certified digital marketer and branding enthusiast with a degree from Arizona State University in Art Studies and Communications. As a self-taught marketer, Sarah has climbed off the corporate ladder to share her knowledge and help The Blonde Spot’s clients grow from organic strategies and develop a brand that allows them to embrace a life they love.

Originating from Seattle, Sarah is a down-to-earth, nerdy, coffee guzzling, transplant drawn to Arizona by the sun and great outdoors activities year round. Passionate about education and ensuring that future generations and small businesses, Sarah hones in on the needs of small businesses and how those needs can be modeled through content and marketing.

In addition to helping small businesses craft a brand that is representative of their passions and professional mission, Sarah educates young entrepreneurs and women on how to bring an in-office job home.

The Blonde Spot and Sarah’s speaking programs are more than educational. Each course, in-person speaking engagement, and education session are fun, engaging, implementable, and relatable.

Sarah is not your typical branding and digital marketing educator; she relates to her audiences and motivates them to learn and understand strategies helping create their businesses and bring it home.

Aside from speaking, Sarah and The Blonde Spot would be delighted to create educational materials for in-house usage.

The Teenpreneur Conference 2017


Recently Sarah Bettencourt spoke at The Teenpreneur conference in Jacksonville, Florida. The Teenpreneur Conference is for teens who have their own business or who want to start their own business. Attendees will leave the conference with the tools to create and implement a solid business plan. In addition, a big part of the event will be meeting other motivated and inspirational teens and having fun along the way!



At the conference Sarah taught the following courses: 

How To Network and Avoid Being Basic
A course discussing the importance of LinkedIn and how to optimize
your profile for maximum returns.

Marketing & Branding 101
Understanding where your brand begins and where
you want to take it can be confusing when you’re a
little Jon Snow about it all. In this course Sarah
discusses banding and marketing basics.

Getting Down With Facebook and Instagram
Facebook and Instagram are complex platforms.
Learning how each platform works is crucial in
deciphering what strategies to pursue.

Getting Technical With Social Media
After all is said and done, you can post something
on social media, and maybe it will work. In this course
attendees learn how to optimize posts on the most
technical level possible (no developer skills needed).

Past Speaking Engagements:

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